Tactical Paramedic


The course focuses on treatment in a tactical environment as well as in an austere environment, where higher skills and knowledge are needed. How is the course built up: The program starts with 2 months of self-study, where students also get home assignments, which has to completed and sent back to us for evaluation. This part of the course gives the students flexibility to study when they have the time during the day/week.

Once students have completed the self-study period, students have to attend an intensive 170 hours (two weeks) of practical skills and evaluation at our training center in Aalborg, Denmark. During the tactical skills weeks training, students will complete a Tissue Trauma course as well as Tactical Trauma Life Support course, where students will learn the skills to complete treatment doing Care Under Fire. Students will also receive International Trauma Life Support Military Trauma and the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care courses. During the skills weeks phase, students will also learn about giving blood transfusion and other essential skills a tactical paramedic needs. During the TECC and ITLS Military training, students will also be put through extreme Hyper-Realistic simulation case scenarios, to simulate the conditions tactical paramedic can be working under. They will have a 12 hours Prolonged Field Care case, this is where students have to treat casualties in a hostile environment and with limited equipment for 12 hours.