Accelerated Paramedic course

This course gives the flexibility but at the same time the solid quality of the training. To enter the Program: Students must be either EMT or similar and have 100 hours of clinical attachment to enter the program.

How the course is built up: The program starts with 5 months self/online study period, where students also gets home assignments, which must be completed and sent back to us for evaluation. This part of the course gives the student’s flexibility to study when they have the time during the day/week. Classroom Delivery: Once students have completed the self-study period, students must attend an intensive 300 hours (three weeks) of practical skills and evaluation at our Center in Aalborg, Denmark. During the practical training, students will complete, ACLS, ITLS, PALS, EMPACT courses and case scenarios. Students will also have to complete their final exam during the skills weeks training.